Additional Agenda Items

Onsite Product Usability Testing Lab

For two days (5th & 6th), the Oracle Applications User Experience team ran one-on-one user feedback sessions. Where attendees could give Oracle thoughts on proposed designs for Oracle Cloud and Oracle E-Business Suite applications. Your feedback will directly affect the usability of Oracle applications to make them intuitive and easy to use. You’ll make a difference.

Check out this video to hear what Oracle customers and partners have to say about their experiences.

For any questions on the labs, please reach out to Geet Singh.

NEW: Oracle Cloud Labs

Oracle product experts put together hands-on labs for some of the most exciting and innovative platform and infrastructure cloud services and technologies and are making them available exclusively for conference attendees.

The following labs were offered, click the session title to read the abstract:

Cloud Native Stack on Oracle Bare Metal Compute (BMCS)

Zero Code Development of Mobile Apps using Mobile Application Accelerator (MAX)

Developer, Deploy and Analyse Mobile Applications with Mobile Cloud Service (MCS) 

Compose and Rapidly Automate Business-driven Process Applications with Oracle Process Cloud Service (PCS) 

No Code Required: Application Development and Publishing Made Easy with Oracle Application Builder Cloud Service (ABCS) 

Simplifying Connections Between Applications Using Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) 

Agile Development Management and Continuous Integration Simplified with Oracle Developer Cloud Service (DevCS) 

Enterprise JavaScript with Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) 

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#RAC Attack

RAC Attack is a free hands-on learning lab where Oracle’s Ninjas show your how to build a real-life Oracle RAC database using virtual machines. You’ll need to bring your own laptop for these sessions, and our drop in service allows you to learn for as long or as little as you like.

Whether you’re an experienced DBA looking to pick up some new tricks, or you’re looking to master the art of RAC - from the very first installation of the Virtual Hypervisor on your laptop to various experiments on your running cluster database - come along and get involved.

RAC Attack ninja's Pieter Van Puymbroeck and Philippe Fierens were onsite at Tech16 to help attendees get started with RAC on your laptop.

Laptop requirements can be found here:
You can download the manual here.

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#Rep Attack

Logical replication can be a little more challenging than physical data replication. There are database, schema or table considerations, what and what not to replicate to where, all while ensuring you maintain a stable environment.

So #Rep Attack, is offered as a free curriculum and platform for hands-on learning related to Oracle logical replication. These focused sessions are aimed at the beginner to medium experienced DBAs wanting to know more about replication in an Oracle environment.

The lab covers areas such as :
• Setting up 2 VMs with Oracle 11g
• Setup of an open source order entry simulation program (called Swingbench)
• Replicating the order entry data between the 2 databases
These underlying concepts are great for different replication use cases, including:
• Zero downtime upgrading and patching of Oracle databases
• Setting up offload reporting
• Setting up a distributed Oracle environment


In order to add some fresh faces to your network, Tech16 hosted a variety of social events during the conference. With exhibition drinks, community networking, and the main event social, attendees were spoilt for choice with time to make those all important connections.

Exhibition Drinks (Tuesday 17:40 - 18:40) provided dedicated time to go round the exhibition and find out more about what our Oracle suppliers can offer your business including getting hands-on with the  latest tools & products.

The Community Networking event (Monday 18:45 - 20:00) encouraged attendees to get to know their fellow Oracle Technology professionals. With games, drinks and an exciting buzz, the evening event took the pressure away from meeting strangers and making friends.

The main conference social, Tuesday Bluesday took place on Tuesday evening (18:40 - late) and was open to all attendees of Apps16, JDE16 and Tech16. The night included live music from the Backbone Blues Band, featuring Miz Suzy D, virtual reality games, karaoke and a casino.


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