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Every week we'll be highlighting one of our fantastic speakers and the key take-aways you'll get from attending their session(s).

Gancho Dimitrov, CERN

Presenting on Wednesday 7th December 14:10 - 15:00

"Extreme Database Tuning for Big Physics Data in the ATLAS Experiment @ CERN"

By attending this sessions you will learn how "Big Physics Data" can be organised in a very efficient way in order to become "Small-sized Physics Data". You will hear how the DB system can accumulate easily tens of billions rows per year without much resources and what advantages it gives for exploring the data.

Brendan Tierney, Oralytics

Presenting on Sunday* 4th December 13:40 - 15:30
Predictive Analytics: Mining the Gold & Creating Valuable Products

Come along to hear how various companies are using predictive analytics to address real everyday business problems. All the examples given are based on projects that Brendan has worked over the past couple of years. We will also look at the process and what is really involved in doing these projects. Yes everyone can do predictive analytics. My challenge will be to not mention 'Big Data'. All you need to data.

*Looking for deep-dive content? Check out the UKOUG SuperSunday agenda.

Martin Wild & John Pocknell, Quest

Presenting on Tuesday 6th December 12:35 - 13:25
Spend Less Time Managing your Data Environment & More Time Innovating for the Future

At a time when many businesses are looking to become more data driven, performance degradation of applications which support key aspects of your business can cause revenue loss, low employee productivity, unhappy customers and even impact your brand reputation. At the completion of this session, you will have a much clearer idea how many of these challenges can be resolved today and get back the time that you need to innovate and help your business become more data driven.

Presenting on Wednesday 6th December 14:10 - 15:00 - John Pocknell
Bringing Oracle Database Development Into Your Continuous Integration Processes

Based on engagements with customers who are tasked with shortening their release cycles, this session will highlight the shortcomings of the traditional waterfall method and identify the typical challenges we see organisations have in attempting to automate key database development tasks. At the completion of this session, you will have a much clearer idea how many of these challenges can be resolved today.

Matt Braiser, c2b2 Consulting

Presenting on Sunday* 4th December 14:40 - 15:30
Configuring WebLogic for Production

Designed for a broad WebLogic audience, this session will step through the various areas of WebLogic Configuration and discuss those areas in terms of best practice for production environments. With out-of-the-box configuration geared towards development environments, Matt will explore configuration for use where security, manageability and performance is key – and address topics such as data sources and connection pools, JMS, logging, Node Manager and machines.

*Looking for deep-dive content? Check out the UKOUG SuperSunday agenda.

Franck Pachot, dbi Services

Presenting on Monday 5th December 14:10 - 15:00
12c Multitenant: Not a Revolution, Just an Evolution

This session is going into the internals of multitenant: dictionary separation, metadata links and object links, how session switches between a pluggable database and the root container. The demo will show some undocumented stuff that you will never do on your databases. What's the goal ? It's not only for the fun of it. Multitenant is a major architecture change and we fear changes. Understanding how it works shows that it's not magic or quick hooks in the code. Gain confidence by understanding how it works.

Presenting on Wednesday7th December 12:30 - 13:20
Statistics Gathering Best Practice & Statistics Advisor

With 12cR2 comes a new advisor: the optimizer statistics advisor. Many databases do not gather statistics in the way the optimizer expects them, which leads to suboptimal execution plans and bad performance. This is why the optimizer team has created an advisor to find what can be improved and give some recommendations on statistics gathering. Rather that covering all the rules introduced by this advisor we will take the most important ones in order to be sure that you understand the recommendations, rather than implement them blindly.

Sai Janakiram, AIOUG

Presenting Monday 5th December 11:20 - 12:10
Learn and Explore Oracle Database Cloud Services in 45 Minutes

The Oracle Database Cloud Service provides a unique combination of the simplicity and ease of use promised by Cloud computing and the power, productivity and robustness which are the hallmarks of Oracle technology. Do you want to get started with Oracle Database Cloud Services ? Are you trying to find out if Oracle Database Cloud Services would fit in your new business requirement? If your answer is YES, then this session would help you to start your Oracle Database Cloud services learning. This session covers the end to end Oracle Database Cloud Services, followed by a live demonstration showcasing the various services available as part of Oracle Database Cloud Services.

Presenting Monday 5th December 13:10 - 14:00
Micro Services & DevOps + Oracle Cloud = A Bright Future

One of the major selling points of cloud is agility. Cloud on its own doesn’t make organisations agile. If organisations embrace cloud technology without changing traditional IT practices or processes the return on investment and iterative improvement is minimal. This session explains how Microservices, DevOps with addition of Oracle Cloud helps organizations maximize agility and return on investment on their journey to IT modernization. This session covers how Oracle Cloud helps organizations drive innovation and business transformation by increasing business agility, lowering costs, and reducing IT complexity by implementing Microservices and DevOps.

Robin Moffatt, Rittman Mead

Presenting on Monday 5th December 13:10 - 14:00
Kafka's Role in Implementing Oracle's Big Data Reference Architecture on the Big Data Appliance

In this presentation we'll introduce the basics of Kafka, and explain how it fits with the overall Big Data Architecture. From here we'll look at how it can be used with Oracle GoldenGate and other sources to form the initial touch point for streaming data into the data reservoir on the Big Data Appliance. We will then look at how flexible Kafka as a pipeline is for extending the architecture to multiple discovery and sandbox environments with ad hoc and repeatable feeds into tools such as Elasticsearch and Flume.

Presenting on Monday 5th December 14:10 - 15:00
Source Control and Concurrent Development for OBIEE 12c

1. Why source control is so important, and how to integrate OBIEE with it
2. Why concurrent development is important for flexible and successful project delivery, and the options for it in OBIEE
3. The impact that the .bar file and service instances in OBIEE 12c have on the software development lifecycle (SDLC)

Simone Geib, Oracle

Presenting on Monday 5th December 13:10 - 14:00
Oracle's Integration & Process Cloud Platform

Learn more about Oracle’s high productivity integration platform (PaaS) in the cloud and how to increase agility and business responsiveness while at the same time lower your costs and complexity and improve time to market.

Presenting on Monday 5th December 16:35 - 17:25
Empower your Business Owners with Integration Analytics and Real-Time Insight

This session will illustrate how you easy it is to understand your business, and act on problems - without IT involvement - through Oracle’s integration and streaming analytics tools – on premise and in the cloud.


Patrick Hurley, Accenture Enkitec Group

Presenting on Tuesday 6th December 16:50 - 17:40

GoldenGate: The Least an Oracle DBA Needs to Know

If you attend this session you will go from knowing absolutely nothing about GoldenGate to installing it and beginning to use it.

Kiran Tailor, CIMA

Presenting on Monday 5th December 15:35 - 16:25
Combining Cloud Based Data With On-premise Exalytics Using In-Memory Technologies

Presenting on Monday 5th December 17:55 - 18:45
Experiences at CIMA Implementing the UK's 1st Production SOA Cloud Service

Take-aways: So you are thinking or have decided to place your system in the cloud, Do you have questions such as, how easy is it to provision servers in the cloud?  Can this be automated?, Will it be an enterprise grade setup? what do we do with security?, How do we monitor in the cloud? How can we retrieve back to premise. Join the discussion in these sessions.

Toon Koppelaars & Bryn Llewellyn, Oracle

Presenting on Monday 5th December 15:35 - 17:25

A Real-World Comparison of the NoPLSQL & Thick Database Paradigms

"A Real-World Comparison of the NoPLSQL & Thick Database Paradigms" is a one hour fifty minutes Master Class. We're very excited to have the chance to present this at the UKOUG event.

There's a nice story behind our cooperation. I've been inspired by what Toon has told me, over the years, about his empirical investigations of how these two very different, and mutually exclusive, approaches to architecting an application that uses Oracle Database work out in the real world. This led me to design a talk that argued for what Toon argues for, but from the viewpoint of well-respected software engineering principles -- and with no specific reference to real world deployments. I gave this talk at Tech15 last December under the title "Why Use PL/SQL?".

Our plan for this December's Tech16 is to show that empirical evidence overwhelmingly substantiates well-respected software engineering principles. In other words, the evidence shows that the NoPLSQL paradigm is truly awful and that the Thick Database paradigm is absolutely splendid.

Kuassi Mensah, Oracle

Presenting on Monday 5th December 17:55 - 18:45
A RESTful MicroService for JSON Processing in the Database
Take-away: Understand why MicroServices. Understand how to build a database resident MicroService using JavaScript and how to turn it into a RESTful service for the Cloud.

Presenting on Wednesday 7th December 09:00 - 09:50
Hadoop, Spark & Flink Explained To Oracle DBAs & Why They Should Care
Take-away: Understand why the next career move for Oracle DBAs is to  mmbrace BigData, its frameworks (Hadoop, Spark, Flink) and become Data Architects!

Presenting on Wednesday 7th December 15:10 - 16:40
Integrate Big Data With Master Data: Oracle Database Table As Hadoop DataSource
Take-away: BigData needs MasterData but you don't have to move data out of Oracle database; learn how HiveSQL or SparkSQL queries can join data residing in both Hadoop and Oracle database.

Philip Brown, RedStack Tech

Presenting on Monday 5th December 11:20 - 12:20

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Upgrade NOW!

If you are interested in moving to the latest and greatest version of Oracle Enterprise Manager then you need to attend this session.  We cover all the key notes and steps prior to starting the upgrade and then also touch on all the key new features in 13c.  The presentation is constantly being revised and updated based on the latest knowledge within the community.

Presenting on Wednesday 7th December 11:30 - 12:20

The Definitive Guide to Patching Oracle Enterprise Manager

Would you like to know how to patch Oracle Enterprise Manager components or patch your database estate using Oracle Enterprise Manager?  Well this session will cover both! Patching the tooling is as important as patching the database estate and by doing so you will ensure a higher success rate.  It's not just about the execution of the patches but the setup as well.

Marcel Hofstetter, Jomasoft

Presenting on Monday 5th December 14:10 - 15:00

Increase Efficiency of Solaris Operations & Hardware Life Cycle

The Audience will hear how to best use the Oracle Solaris Zones and LDoms technologies for efficient deployment and operations. Learn how JomaSoft did SPARC Server Life Cycle projects successfully in the past years.

Kamil Stawiarski, ORA-600

Presenting on Tuesday 6th December 09:00 - 10:00

Securing the Database Against Unauthorised Attacks

• Securing the Database Against Unauthorised Attacks - people will see how easy it is to escalate privileges if they don't think about security at the design level and I'll explain why it is especially dangerous in consolidated environments, and of course - how to try to secure their data!
• Oracle SPARC M7 & In-Memory Deep Dive - I think that the most important thing I want to show is how DAX is being used by the database and how to check when it actually works. Since there are no wait events at the database level, I'll show how to use DTrace to trace DAX usage.

Sumit Gupta, RBS

Presenting on Tuesday 6th December 16:50 - 17:40

The Deluxe "Zero Sign-On" Approach

By attending this session you'll gain:
- A thorough understanding of how Kerberos works under the hood
- Familiarity with the process and steps involved in WNA integration with OAM for Zero Sign-On
- Actual demo viewlet showing complete flow of Kerberos tickets, tokens, cookies etc so that attendees understand end-to-end flow which will give them confidence and will help a lot in debugging issues.

Jamie Wallis, Oracle

Presenting on Monday 5th December 16:35 - 17:25

TFA - Next Generation Diagnostics Framework

By attending this sessions you will learn about the newest enhancements to Oracle’s unified diagnostics toolkit.


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